Wow. The Guardian’s John Lewis has written a wonderfully evocative review of Michel Legrand’s appearance at Ronnie Scott’s last week. In a terrifically succinct article, John has summarised Michel’s career and described perfectly how it feels to experience one of his concerts in an intimate venue such as Ronnie Scott’s. “His ballads take enormous liberties with tempo, lingering on phrases that amuse him; he plays his own basslines, countermelodies and pedal notes, punctuating them with rippling runs and florid curlicues.” We particularly love the last paragraph, “On a version of I Will Wait for You, from his score for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, he rises a semitone every 16 bars and shouts out rhythm changes as if he was selecting organ presets (Bossa nova! Tango! New Orleans! Russian!) – genuinely hilarious, as are the Dudley Moore-style pastiches of his favourite pianists (Ellington, Tatum, Garner, Shearing, Brubeck, even Fats Domino). It’s a staggering, exhilarating show, and a living, breathing slice of jazz history.” We couldn’t agree more, John!

You can read the full review on The Guardian’s website here.

iPhone photo courtesy  © Alyas Latif


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